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Featured Blog: Progressive Pioneer

Featured Blog: Sorta Crunchy

NAME: Megan Tietz
BLOG: Sorta Crunchy
WHY WE THINK SORTA CRUNCHY ROCKS: Blogger and author Megan Tietz is a woman on a mission. As a mom-blogger, she writes about gentle, spirit-led parenting, hands out all sorts of tips for other advice-seeking moms, and offers peeks into her every day family life. She also advocates green living, proffering ideas, resources and solutions for those looking to live an environmentally conscious life. Truly a lifestyle blog with a little something for everyone, Sorta Crunchy also features discussions on fashion and pop-culture, literature and homekeeping.


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well-rounded blog

Leigh Kramer

I have long adored Megan's blog! Great pick for today's feature.

Megan Tietz

Oh wow! What a treat to be featured here today! I've been an enthusiastic part of the Typepad community for four years. It's an honor to have the spotlight on me for a few moments today! ♥♥♥

hollywood housewife

I'm so happy to see Sorta Crunchy featured here! It's a great blog that I've been following for years, we both came to Typepad around the same time.

What a fun surprise!


love this blog!

Account Deleted

wonderful surprise to see megan featured on the front page! what a beautiful blog authored by a beautiful spirit!


Very interesting, and kind of comprehensive.

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