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Typepad's New Look

Today we’re proud to show off a new look at typepad.com. As you can see here on our blog, we’ve updated our site design, brand and logo quite a bit. You’ll find all of the great support resources you’re used to here in the blog, Knowledge Base and Get Satisfaction forum but with a beautiful new feel. Please click around to see all that there is to see, but there’s one highlight we really want to bring to your attention: The Showcase:


The Showcase is where we’re highlighting some of Typepad’s best voices. Today we’re launching with 10 promoted Showcases (such as Crafters and Foodies) with more to come. Content from the Showcases is promoted on the homepage as well as on the relevant channel page. To see the current list of Showcases just click here. You’ll notice that we’ve organized our Showcases around people, not posts. We know our bloggers write about a diverse set of topics but tend to concentrate on one or two. So we’ve tried to create our first channels around the passions we see most frequently in the Typepad network. Not all posts in our Fashionistas Showcase will be about fashion and style, but we like it that way. Each one of you may have a specialty, but we know you have lots of interests and we think it’s just more fun to show off all of your work!

If you’d like to be considered for a Showcase, please just let us know on any Showcase channel page. The channels are editorially programmed by our Community & Support team and are growing every day. You will need to enable the Typepad toolbar and share your blogs on your Typepad profile to be able to participate. Learn more about profiles and the toolbar in the knowledge base.

And for those of you who have already been featured, if you think we’ve miscategorized you somehow, please reach out to the team with a ticket and we’ll set it straight.

Lastly... with the launch of today’s new look we’re giving away lovely new Typepad stickers featuring our new logo! Who doesn’t love a sticker? If you’d like to show off your Typepad pride please just send a SASE (you know, a self-addressed stamped envelope!) to:

180 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107


We strive everyday to help our bloggers share their passions and hope that promoting great content in the Showcase will help.

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