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Claiming your content with the Google Authorship feature

We've discussed branding and owning your blog before; now we want to share how you can take owning your online content to a whole new level with the integration of the Google Authorship feature.

With Typepad and Google working together, the Authorship feature gives you the ability to claim your post and blog content as your own. In the search results, your image and author name will appear as a byline to your content, making your blog stand out.

Google AuthorshipIn order to enable the Google Authorship feature, and have your image show up in Google search results, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Have a Google+ Profile
  • List your Typepad Profile in your Google+ Profile
    • Click the profile icon, then select Edit Profile
    • Edit the Other Profiles section to add your Typepad Profile URL (e.g. http://profile.typepad.com/username)
    • Edit the Contributor To section to add your blog URL (e.g. http://example.typepad.com/ or http://www.example.com/)
  • Have an appropriate headshot on your Google+ Profile
    • Hover mouse over avatar area in Profile, then click "change profile photo"
    • Uploaded image must be at least 250px square
  • Add your Google+ Profile to your Other Accounts list in Typepad
    • Account > Other Accounts (you will only need to add the 21-digit ID from your Google+ Profile URL; do not add the full URL)
  • Add the Author Name attribute to your blog's Post Footer
    • In basic templates, go to Design > Content > Post Footer.
    • In advanced templates, locate the entry footer module code in the Main Index, DateBased, Category, and Individual Archive templates and the following code inside of it:

      <$MTTrans phrase="Posted by [_1] at" param="MTEntryAuthorNickname"$>

      Replace that with:

      Posted by <a rel="author" href="<$MTEntryAuthorProfileURL$>"><$MTEntryAuthorNickname$></a>

      Save your changes.

It can take as little as two days, or as long as two weeks, for your changes to take effect. The length of time it takes for your profile image to appear in search results is determined by a number of factors, and isn't something we can control or guarantee. We recommend waiting a few days, then using the Rich Snippets tool to verify whether the Authorship feature is in effect. When the process is complete, you'll see a display similar to the earlier shared image.

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