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Did You Know?: Post Footer Options - Part I

There are many options for your post footer.  Today we're going to look into the text options that you can add there.

To edit your Post Footer, you need to go to Design > Content.  There, click the pencil icon for Post Footer.

These are the options that you'll see first:

Posted - This adds the word "Posted" to the beginning of your post footer.  This is particularly good to pair with the Author Name option.

-This option adds a thumbnail of your profile picture to the post footer.  It's a great way to strengthen your identity if your reader's mind.

- This is another great way to make sure your readers know who created the post they're reading. This is even more important for blogs with multiple authors.

-Adding the date option is a great way to let your readers know when a post was written.

- While maybe not as important as the date option, adding the time to your post footer is a good way to give your readers insight into when you actually created your post.

- It's highly encouraged that you add categories to your posts. Highlighting these categories in the post footer is an easy way for your readers to then find posts on similar things.

- This adds links to the Technorati search results for the same keywords.

You can read more about the post footer options in the Knowledge Base.

We hope you found this useful! Check back in two weeks to learn about the button options you can add to your post.


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