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Did You Know?: Post Footer Options - Part II

Two weeks ago we explained all about the text options you can use for your post footer.  This week, we're going to tackle the button options.

To edit your Post Footer, you need to go to Design > Content.  There, click the pencil icon for Post Footer.


These are the buttons you can add to your post footer:

Reblog - Links to Reblog a portion of your post which opens the Blog It window.

Favorite - Allows your readers to Favorite your post.

Tweet This! - Opens a window so that your readers can Tweet a link to the post on Twitter. More information is available in the article on integrating your blog with Twitter.

Google +1 - Add the +1 one button to allow readers to share your post in their Google circle. More information is available here.

Pinterest - This button lets your readers pin images from your posts to Pinterest. We've got more information on adding Pinterest to your blog here.

Facebook Like - Link to add a link to Facebook wall as liked post. More information on the Facebook Like button is available here.

Digg This - Lets your readers Digg your post.

Save to del.icio.us - Link to save post as a bookmark at del.icio.us.

You can check the "Show footer links as buttons?" option so that the options with images are displayed as a button image in your post footer instead of text.

You can read more about the Post Footer in the Knowledge Base.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!


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