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From the SAY blog: The Real Reason No One Sees Online Ads

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Here's a sobering statistic: The average time spent on a Web page is steadily decreasing, with users spending only 40 seconds on a single page. Even worse for publishers and advertisers, 31 percent of ads are never even seen. That's why last September we launched the Clean Campaign, our commitment to making the digital content experience better for everyone by cutting clutter and focusing on the content consumers care about. Messy Web pages create a chaotic experience that’s frustrating for everyone involved, including readers, publishers, and advertisers.

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Sandy Gray

R Thank God or we'll all be dead form overbogging!

Account Deleted

that's why i don't post much ads on blogs. one you get reader crazy with pleathora of ads and second your pages load pretty slow. just add one or maximum two add they will automatically works for you.

Joy Healey

Glad it's not just me who has noticed this phenomenon!

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