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Did You Know?: Post Footer Options - Part I

PSA: Are you seeing weird, text-based ads?

We've received several help tickets from subscribers who are seeing unwanted text links on their blogs. Typepad doesn't place ads on blogs without user permission, so we strongly recommend making sure you don't have malware on your computer that's forcing ads into your browser. If you don't have an anti-virus program on your computer, Lavasoft is a good place to start.

One malware application we've been seeing in particular is a browser extension called Text Enhance. When installed, the extension combs through the sites you're visiting and places spam links within the text of those sites. It can look like the site itself is serving the ads so it can be jarring if you're seeing those links on your own blog. Removing Text Enhance from your browser will resolve the issue.

More information about Text Enhance and steps for removing it can be found here.


Werner Patels

Sad to see that so many people still don't know how to use computers and the Internet ...


We have users at all levels, Werner. And that's why we have a helpful support team to answer questions!

Teri Parris Ford

This happened to my blog and I'd like to think I'm quite comfortable using my computer. It took a bit of looking but I found an extension that came in when I updated a favorite weather ap. I realized it wasn't typepad adding the links when I found the links were not showing up on other computers-- only the one with the extension. It was easy to remove but I had to check all the settings of my web browsers.

Werner Patels

I didnt mean it as an affront to you, Im just baffled at the number of people who still dont know how to use a computer.

How can computer viruses ever become extinct, and malware, when people voluntarily download these things?

Ian Stewart

No weird ads but a weird and alarming appearance on Google, when I was looking for a reference to my new Amazon book, of my Typepad Profile Page complete with the toolbar allowing anyone access to Dashboard, Library and Account! How is this possible and how can I prevent it?


Hi Ian!

You're only seeing the ability to access the Dashboard because it's your account and you're logged in. No other reader would be able to see that or log in to your account - they would instead see a link to their own Dashboard.

Ian Stewart

Hi Melanie

Thank you very much for your reply.

Just to clarify, if you to go to Google and search for “Ian Stewart Nanyang”, along with Amazon and various publishers, the Google search page says “Join Typepad and start following Ian Stewart’s activity.Join now! Already a member? . . .” Then a few words from my blog: “I first published Nanyang, my new historical novel, as an Amazon eBook . .” (Amazing how all this gets mixed together on Google!) Then if you click on this you get my profile – and the toolbar. So you are saying no one else would see my toolbar? Try it yourself. (You might even want to read the book.:-) )

Deborah Mahnken

Ian, I just tried this and don't get your toolbar. I do, however, get my own toolbar, so I think you're fine.

Ian Stewart

Thank you so much, Deborah. That's great! I will now rest easy.:-)

Amy Flynn

Type pad compose editor has added Zemanta (under a heading Recommended Links) which will add text links to the posts if you ok them. I see it under my compose window. It all sounds very official and very useful for making your post more visible. People may be okaying these links since they appear to look like they will help posts be found. On the pages or posts the links are highlighted and link to definitions or explanations of words in Wikipedia. I okayed one for my Multidimensional Money Reiki page, what I okayed was the term *High Frequency* used in reference to energy. The Wikipedia article linked to explained High Frequemcy energy so I left it. I am playing with it. You can view it here: - it's close to the top. You'll see it, it is highlighted red.

Enabling this feature is optional, but it is tempting. People may be doing so without realizing what the effect will be on the post and then thinking that text ads are being added to their posts. These are not ads, they are 'Wikipedia links' that add dimension to the terms linked.

Amy Flynn

Here is the link to Zemanta "blogging assistant" that gets your posts found! ;-)

Prokofy Neva

Before accusing all the users of being stupid enough to allow malware on their computer, perhaps you should consider that they are referring to a feature you yourself are introducing, which is the forced links appearing at the bottom of every post as you compose it.

While you don't *have* to click on those links and insert them into your post, they are intruded into the view, and there doesn't seem to be any way to dismiss them entirely. They are generally not helpful, as they merely pick out Wikipedia entries for the key words.

I don't want or need this "blogging assistant" and I wish I could get rid of the view of it completely.

Kymberlie R. McGuire

In the cases of the tickets we saw, these weren't links from the Zemanta Recommended Links, but from the extension we mentioned.

Since this was the case, we simply wanted to give people a heads up so that they could make sure to remove it if they didn't want it on their computers. We don't think that anyone's stupid, but we do want to help out our community where we can. Hence the PSA. :-)

If you don't want to view the Zemanta Recommended Links in your Compose page, click on the Recommended Links heading to toggle the box open and close. You can close the box once and the box will remain closed the next time you visit the Compose page.

You can read more about Zemanta Recommended Links, including the steps to close it, here:

ProLine Sports Nutrition

Going well past what Werner has said here. It's unfortunate how many people are allowed to purchase goods online but have no idea what happens after they hit the "SUBMIT" button. The largest population being Amazon customers - hands down.


That's true, Amy. We did get a few tickets from people who were seeing truly spammy links - not the type Zementa would offer - but definite spam. It's good to a a virus scan on a regular basis anyway!


Thanks Deborah!

Amy Flynn

I am actually enjoying experimenting with the Zemanta links! I found that a few times they linked back to my own blog posts which of course helps my SEO. You have to use them judiciously and not click them all on every post or page - but when used strategically, I think they add dimension to posts and pages. I have not gotten any feedback from my subscribers, clients and readers yet...

And Kymberlie it's great to see what you look like! Melanie too!

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