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Did You Know?: Post Footer Options - Part I

PSA: Are you seeing weird, text-based ads?

We've received several help tickets from subscribers who are seeing unwanted text links on their blogs. Typepad doesn't place ads on blogs without user permission, so we strongly recommend making sure you don't have malware on your computer that's forcing ads into your browser. If you don't have an anti-virus program on your computer, Lavasoft is a good place to start.

One malware application we've been seeing in particular is a browser extension called Text Enhance. When installed, the extension combs through the sites you're visiting and places spam links within the text of those sites. It can look like the site itself is serving the ads so it can be jarring if you're seeing those links on your own blog. Removing Text Enhance from your browser will resolve the issue.

More information about Text Enhance and steps for removing it can be found here.

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