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Did You Know?: Post Footer Options - Part II

Typepad's Knowledge Base is always expanding! Check out the newest articles.

You've probably seen the new look at and Everything Typepad. We've also been updating the Knowledge Base and wanted to point out some of the new articles.

The ability to protect individual pages and files has always been possible with Typepad. In the article on how to add password protected pages and files to your site, you'll find tips for setting up a protected folder in your account and adding content.

Love or hate Pinterest, we have you covered with tips to make it easy for readers to pin your posts or block pinning of your content.

If you prefer to not encourage linking to outside sites in comments, you can hide the URL Field in comment form.

Also, a few quick tips for composing your posts have been added:

Interested in a new look for your blog? Check out the recently released themes:

If you like a theme but want to customize it, the CSS Cookbook has tips to make major or minor changes to the theme using the Custom CSS feature.

What tips would you like to see highlighted in the Knowledge Base or Everything Typepad? Let us know in the comments!

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