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Introducing Chevron, a new theme from Typepad

Chevron, a new theme from Typepad!

Today we're introducing Chevron, the most recent in our stream of new themes.

Why we think you'll like Chevron

  • Comes with all 5 classic layouts;
  • Has a custom font via Google Webfonts for headers and body;
  • It's clean and fresh;
  • Comes with 10 great colors;
  • Optimized for 300px wide ads;
  • Looks great on mobile devices; and
  • Has default social icons for the Other Accounts (grid format only) module

Available Colors

Aqua Blue Buttercup Gray Green Kiwi Metal Pink Tangerine Teal

Are you an Unlimited plan blogger? If so, you can easily customize Chevron's colors with just a few line edits. For the default color, Kiwi, the colors are set using:

/*---- COLOR: Kiwi ------------------------*/
/* Link Color */
a { color: #AABA6B; }

/* Banner Background Color */
#banner-inner { background: #C6D981;  }

    /* Blog Title Color */
    #banner-header a { color: #000; }
    /* Description Color */
    #banner-description { color: #222; }

/* Left-Right Border Color */
#container {
    border-left: 20px solid #C6D981;
    border-right: 20px solid #C6D981;

The obvious color to change is the one set for the Banner background and Container borders (read the notes above the CSS lines to find out what each line does). You can also customize the link, blog title, and description colors if you change the main color to something that makes them less visible.

Social Icons

Intrigued by the social icons that appear in the top right sidebar of the screenshot? We knew you would be! Here are the icons that will appear if you add your profile/accounts to your Other Accounts and enable the Other Accounts module in grid format at Design > Content:

Facebook_chevron Flickr Google+ Instagram Typepad Pinterest RSS feed Twitter

To enable these default social icons, you'll need to add one or all of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Typepad
    you can use the Typepad option with the subdomain of your account or use Other to add your Typepad profile URL
  • Pinterest
    use the Other option and add the full URL of your profile--e.g.
  • RSS Atom feed
    use the Other option and add the atom.xml feed for your blog--e.g.
  • Instagram
    use the Other option and add your profile--e.g.

We're working on getting options like Instagram and Pinterest added to the Other Accounts module by default, but in the meantime the Other option works great and the icon is pulled based on the URL.

note: this icon set is only available for the Chevron theme at this time (we'll publish a post next Friday on how to setup custom social icons based on the Other Accounts grid module).

Ready, Set, Go

Excited?! We are too. This was a really fun theme to put together, and we're super stoked to be sharing it with you. We hope you'll give it a try by heading over to Design > Choose A Theme and applying Chevron today!


Roger Sharp

Loving it. Can you add a social icon for 500px? Really popular photography site now.

The Typepad Team

Hi Sharpy! We can definitely consider adding 500px to our Other Accounts page with the next release. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

Roger Sharp

Perfect, thank you.
I've implemented the new design and it looks sweet.
Works really well on iPad as well.
Nice work Typepad team :)

Dana Ly

Thanks for the lovely new theme!

Account Deleted

I love the pink one.
Its design specially for me.
Dissertation structure

Account Deleted

Looks great!

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