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Design Implementation - Making It Work On Typepad

Introducing Metropolitan, a new theme from Typepad

Today we introduce Metropolitan, the latest theme built by Typepad. 

Why we think you'll like Metropolitan

  • Comes with all 5 classic layouts;
  • Has custom fonts via Google Webfonts for headers and body;
  • It's clean, fresh, and has a great professional look.
  • Comes with 2 great color options;
  • Optimized for 300px wide ads;
  • Looks great on mobile devices;
  • Has default social icons for the Other Accounts (grid format only) module; and
  • Allows you to upload your own custom banner image (1000x330px).

Available Colors

Metropolitan - Dark
Metropolitan - Dark
Metropolitan - Light
Metropolitan - Light

Are you an Unlimited plan blogger? If so, you can easily customize the background of the blog, replacing its native pinstripe background, with your own. Learn more!

Ready for a design change? If so, then head over to Design > Choose A Theme and apply Metropolitan today!


Account Deleted

Need to get this revved up and liked to Facebood and LinkedIn. Need to get up and running so I don't waste time and get the biggest impact. HELP!

Ashley AccidentalOlympian

Can we turn off the blog name, and the blog description? I like the theme, but my banner already has this information, and I don't want to have the blog name and header laying over my banner as well.

Most all blogging platforms allow you to turn off your name and description with the click of a button.

Account Deleted

i like it.


I like it .Nice post.

Account Deleted

I was looking for something like this and I am so glad that I finally found it.



Giuseppe Lombardo

very nice!!

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