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Tuning Up Dan's Blog


Dan is a long-time Typepad blogger and also an author. He was looking to consolidate his web presence around his Typepad blog, Dan J. Brennan, and to improve the appearance and functionality of the blog. He contacted Typepad blog services. After discussing his needs with him, we recommended a Tune-Up Service.

As part of the Tune-Up Service, we set up social media sharing tools on his blog, optimized his feed with FeedBurner, set up an easy email subscription option for his readers, and created a navigation bar with links to his book website and book blog so that people can easily visit them from the main blog. We also created a new banner image, set up the Clean theme, and used some tweaks from the CSS Cookbook to pull it all together. Dan was very pleased with the results.

Looking for some help but not sure where to start? Our Tune-Up Service covers a wide range of items and may be just what you need. Sign up today! And be sure to check out Dan J. Brennan.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


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A huge round of applause, keep it up.

Whitney Black

Very nice! He should do alot better now with his blogging :) http://whitsblog.com

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So beutifull

nang mui s line

Very nice!beutifull

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