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Introducing The Knowledge Base Index

Have you ever found yourself searching our Knowledge Base, overwhelmed by all the information available, or simply unsure what you're looking for? You may not even be aware of all of Typepad's great features (like displaying your recent blog posts on your website) if you don't use the Knowldge Base very often.

Well, we have released an updated index for the Typepad Knowledge Base which includes links to every tip and how-to article organized by category.

Browse through the articles on troubleshooting to figure out why your blog is loading slowly. Check out the articles on Custom CSS and create a test blog to try out some tricks.

Get started by visiting the the Typepad Knowledge Base index and let us know what other articles you would like to see added in the comments or forum.



How about an obvious, direct link from the Knowledge Base home page to the index? I just tried to find it that way, and could not. The index is great to have, but why hide it?

Hemendra Kumar Saini

I love typepad, and have tried the micro version too. But not able to access typepad because of no credit card. My advice to typepad is please be freemium blogging platform like wordpress and charge for things like premiums themes or rss redirection. Then have something like adsense sharing and disable ads option.


Hi Lydia! We are going to be adding links to the Knowledge Base index to more locations on the site to make it easier to find. Thanks for letting us know!


We have disabled registrations for Typepad's free plan temporarily. More information:

Check back to Everything Typepad for announcements on the release of the free plan again.

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