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Design Implementation - Making It Work On Typepad


Some of the most interesting design requests we get are for our Design Implementation Service. The customer has already come up with a design (often one that is used for a separate website) and wants to know how to implement it on a Typepad blog. These design requests often involve complex layouts or advanced features and show off how flexible the Typepad platform is.

James contacted us with one such request for the new Card Analysis Solutions blog. He provided a mock-up and all the images to be used in the design; we made it work on Typepad. The end result serves as both informational website and blog, with a clean, elegant design. James was very pleased.

If you've got a design you want to implement on Typepad, contact us today and let us know the details. And don't forget to check out Card Analysis Solutions.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


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