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Did You Know?: Your Shorter Typepad URL

When you sign up for Typepad, you choose a subdomain for your account.  The account here, for example, uses You may notice, though, that every blog within Typepad has a folder name at the end of it. This is done to differentiate each blog from every other blog under your account.

For instance, the full URL for this blog is However, Typepad lets you control which blog in your account is the default blog. This allows you to access your blog at both the longer blog URL and the shorter account URL. This is why you can also view the blog at

To set your default blog, simply click the arrow next to the blog on the Dashboard.  Select the "Make this the default blog" option, and this blog will now be available via your shorter URL.

It's also worth nothing that all of the files for that particular blog are located in that blog's folder.  In the case of this blog, all files are located here:

It is best to think of the short link - like - as a shortcut to the blog set as the default or home blog. The shorter link should be easier to give to your readers and include on items like business cards.

We have more information on setting your default blog in our Knowledge Base.

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