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Add A Landing Page To Your Blog

The Pages feature allows you to add static web pages in addition to your blog, and you can create a Landing Page that visitors will see first when they arrive at your site. The Pages feature is ideal if you want to create a site which is more like a website than a traditional blog.

First, you can create a Page by selecting New Page from the Compose drop-down menu or going to Posts > Pages > New Page. A page is created similar to a post using the Rich Text editor.

After publishing the Page, you can designate the Page as the Front Page of your site. Go to Settings > Posts, select Display a "page" as the front page, choose a page from the drop-down menu, and click Save Changes.

Display Page As Front Page

See the article on creating a landing page for more information.

Instead of displaying on the Front Page, the recent posts will be available by adding blog_index.html to the end of your blog's address. i.e. http://example.typepad.com/blog/blog_index.html

You can highlight the link to the recent posts by adding a link to the blog index to the Navigation Bar. At Design > Content, click the pencil icon next to the Navigation Bar module, add the blog index link, click OK, and click Save Changes.

The Navigation Bar can also be used to add other pages to your site. You can create pages with information about your site, contact information, and much more. See the article on adding pages to the Navigation Bar for more information.


Our Nanny Forever

dont know what im really doing

Alexandria, Professional Bagpiper AFM Local 349

I love this feature. I have done this with my website.

Kofla Olivieri

I am very interested in this feature. I would prefer a flash intro for my blog, but for now this will do.

Do you have any examples of people that have done this on their blogs? I would like to see how it look like because I decide to do it.

Henry Johnson

Very nice feature. I'll definitely be using it in the near future.

Kofla Olivieri

I meant to say "BEFORE" I decide to do it.


Cranky Pressman - http://www.crankypressman.com/ - is one example. If I find some more, I'll add the links here.

You can also set up a test blog to - http://help.typepad.com/create-a-test-blog.html - to try out the options for Pages.


What help do you need with setting up your blog? If you have a Pro plan, you can contact support at Help > New Ticket with any questions. You can also ask questions of the Typepad community and support team by starting a thread in the forum: https://getsatisfaction.com/typepad/


A good landing page example with a Flash open is here: http://crestedbuttecrossfit.typepad.com/cbcflanding/

Although the blog is using Advanced Templates, you can achieve a similar result by creating a blog with the Theme Builder and using a One Column Layout.

Kofla Olivieri

Thank you Jen. That type of "flash" landing page intro is exactly what I am looking for. I already created a one column layout test blog (using Typepad's Retro theme) to try out a few things. Not sure I am ready to learn html using theme builder yet.

I guess once I design the landing page, the tricky part will be to setup a custom domain mapping to make it work with my current blog.


Very good features ... :)


The Theme Builder does not require editing via HTML, so you should try it out on a test blog!

The Theme Builder provides you with a graphical interface to choose colors and styles for various elements of your design. You can also use the Custom CSS feature in addition to the Theme Builder to make more advanced design changes. More info: http://help.typepad.com/theme_builder.html

It is the Advanced Template Set design option which requires editing HTML, CSS, and template tags with no graphical interface. More info: http://help.typepad.com/overview_of_advanced_templates.html


THANK YOU! This was next up on my to-do list and you have put the 'know-how' right at my fingertips now! ~heather

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