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Blogging Best Practices Wrap-up

We hope you've enjoyed our Blogging Best Practices series. We've gotten a lot of great feedback! In case you missed a tip, here's an overview:

Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines
How to use your posts' titles, permalinks, keywords and descriptions to draw in more traffic from search engines.

Improving Your Blog's Speed
If your blog is loading a bit slow, we have some tips for speeding things up.

Photo Use and Attribution
Images add a lot of personality to a post but how do you use them responsibly? Make sure to check out the comments for more great info from the community.

Publish New Posts Frequently
This is the #1 best way to get more traffic to your blog - post regularly and often. Your readers and search engines will keep coming back for more.

Build and Engage Community with Comments
The hows and whys of using comments to build a community around your blog.

Grow Your Audience
Five basic guidelines for bringing attention to your blog, making your content interesting, and drawing in return readers.

Structuring Your Posts Effectively
A general outline for structuring posts so that they're easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Make it Easy to Subscribe to Your Blog
The title says it all - if you make it dead easy for people to get updates from your blog, they'll stay engaged with your content.

The Power of Personality
The most unique and valuable thing about your blog is you. Here's how to easily set yourself apart from all of the other bloggers in your niche.

Do you have any tips to share? Make sure to leave a comment on this post and tell the community about it! And if you have a request for future tips from the Typepad team, just let us know and we can write about it.

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