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Featured Blog: 365 Days of Lip Service

NAME: Lisa Pavelka
BLOG: 365 Days of Lip Service
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: 365 Days of Lip Service is not your typical art blog. Artist Lisa Pavelka features new, mixed media artwork on a very tiny canvas: Carmex Lip Balm jars. With a new work featured each day, she has created over 200 daily pieces this year and is still going strong, attracting attention from folks like Bloomberg Business News and various book publishers. Every day brings a new theme and materials including polymer clay, resin, Swarovski crystal and more, presented with an insight into how each piece is made (some are even kinetic, with moving parts!). The project was created to inspire the inner artist in everyone, and it shows. Creative people around the world are now tackling their own Lip Service projects.


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