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Mi Molinete Is Pretty As A Picture


Ruth loves Typepad for her blog and when she decided to create a portfolio site to showcase her photography, she wanted to host it on Typepad too. She knew what type of layout she wanted but she wasn't sure how to achieve this by herself so she reached out to the Typepad blog services team. She gave us a mock-up and provided the images to be used in the design; we pulled it all together. The new Mi Molinete site we created for her has a clean and elegant look with splashes of color that puts her photos front and center. Ruth was thrilled to see her vision become a reality, and so are we.

Do you have a design you want to implement on Typepad? Sign up today and tell us about it. You may be surprised at what's possible. And be sure to check out Mi Molinete and watch it grow.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.



The really very good blogger i love joined you feed


verry nce

Jerry Benson

Beautiful image with the wine glasses, and the best of luck with your photography.


What's the best close up lens you recommend?

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