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The Week in Venn: What Makes Mobile Ad Campaigns Work?

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The next three years will see more transformation in marketing than the last 10-15.

- Marc Andreessen, IAB MIXX 2012

We love our mobile devices. Really, really, love them. More than 50 percent of U.S. adults now own a smartphone and nearly 30 percent own tablets. And the connections we’re making with them are intense. Take a recent study that found 53 percent of people check their phones in the morning before showering or even saying "good morning" to their partners. Or the fact that over 26 percent confessed to sleeping with their mobile phones in bed, effectively taking spooning to a whole new level. In another recent study, subjects responded to the sound of their phones as they would the presence of a girlfriend, boyfriend or family member.

Yes, our relationships with our mobile devices are more intimate than ever.

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Tips To Maintain High Quality For Images In Your Posts

Using images in your blog posts makes an immediate visual impact on your readers, and is a great way to supplement your writing. Of course, you'll want to display the photos in your posts at the highest quality available. The Insert Image function uploads your photo to Typepad at the original quality, but depending on the settings you specify to display the images, the quality of the image can be degraded. We have several tips to allow you to maintain image quality:

  • Do not choose the Full option for Image Width. The Full size option can result in your image being scaled to fit your column reducing the quality.
  • Use the Custom option for the Image Width to set the best fit width for your blog's layout.
  • Set an Image Width in 50 pixel (px) increments. e.g. 350px, 400px, 450px, 500px
  • Keep in mind most themes include 15px of padding on each side of the column reducing the available column width by 30px. For blogs with 500px columns, the recommended width for images is 450px.
  • Increase the main content column width to allow for wider images and add 30px to accommodate for the padding. For example, a main content column of 830px would allow you to display 800px wide images. See the article on customizing column widths.
  • Do not choose the option to have your image open in a pop-up window. When you opt to not have the image open in a pop-up window, the thumbnail image by default will link to the original image allowing readers of your site to see the high quality image originally uploaded in addition to the thumbnail image included in the post.
  • Resize large images using a photo editing program to be closer to the size the image will be displayed at on your blog. An image which starts at 3600px by 4320px will need to be resized a lot which is not ideal. Use an aspect ratio calculator to determine the best size for your image.

Insert Image Custom Width

For more technical details on inserted images, see the Technical Specifications For Inserted Images article.

Do you have a photography blog? Share your tips for optimizing your blog for photos in the forum.

Featured Blog: Starbucks Gossip

NAME: Jim Romenesko
BLOG: Starbucks Gossip
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: It's no secret that Starbucks is super popular. To many of us, it is an institution - there's no better place to catch up on the news of the day while getting our coffee (or tea, or mocha, or lemon pound cake) on. Starbucks Gossip is the blog that completes the experience for Starbucks enthusiasts, offering up news, advice, and tips and tricks for duplicating your Starbucks experience at home; a must-read for fans of the bean.


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