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Tips for adding and updating your Twitter Widget

As we recently discussed, the folks at Twitter made some changes to their API that affected how Twitter interacted with different sharing platforms, including Typepad. For many people, this means that you will need to replace your current code to ensure that your widget works again, and continues working in the future.

The old Twitter API will be retired on March 15, 2013, so if you're not using the new Twitter widget by then, your tweets will no longer be displayed on your blog.

Ready to get the new Twitter widget? Here are some tips to easily configure your new widget and add it to your sidebar:

  1. Go to https://twitter.com/settings/widgets and sign in.
  2. Click the "Create New" button.
  3. Enter your Typepad blog address in the Domains field (i.e. example.typepad.com or www.example.com). This is very important - skipping this step will cause your tweets not to display.
  4. Adjust the other available options.
  5. Click "Create Widget," and copy the code provided.
  6. Log in to your Typepad account.
  7. Open the Blogs menu and select the blog you want to add the Twitter widget.
  8. Click to Design > Content.
  9. If you currently have Twitter code installed, click into the appropriate module and replace the code there with your new code. If you're adding the widget for the first time, select the Embed Your Own HTML module from the center column, click Add This Module, and paste the code for your Twitter widget into the pop-up box.
  10. Click OK, rearrange the module in your sidebar, and click Save Changes to update your blog with the new widget.

Please note if you are using Advanced Templates, Mixed Media Layout, or Chroma Theme for your blog's design, you will not have the Embed Your Own HTML module option. Instead, you can use one of the other options to add content to your sidebar described here.

Important notes about the width of the new Twitter widget:

The width of the new Twitter widget is controlled remotely by Twitter, and is designed to automatically fit your blog's sidebar with a minimum width of 220 pixels. Therefore, the widget will appear cut off if your blog's sidebar column is not at least 250 pixels. At this time, there is not a way to manually change the width of the widget.

If your sidebar width is less than 250 pixels, you will either need to update your column width or switch to a newer Theme with wider columns, like Chevron, Chunky, Metropolitan, or the Theme Builder, which allows sidebars up to 300 pixels.

Bloggers at the Pro Unlimited level who are using a Pre-Defined Theme can increase their column widths by using some Custom CSS.

Bloggers at the Pro Plus level or below will either need to switch to a theme with wider columns or the Theme Builder, as mentioned above. If you want to keep your current theme but need access to the Custom CSS feature to increase your column width, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro Unlimited level. We're happy to provide bloggers who would like to upgrade to Pro Unlimited to take advantage of Custom CSS a discount to offset the increase in price. Just open a Help Ticket in your Dashboard after you've upgraded and let us know!

As always, be sure to check our Knowledge Base for more information!

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