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Twitter API Changes & Adding The New Twitter Widget

Update October 22, 2012: See the Add Twitter's Timeline Widget article in the Typepad Knowledge Base for more detailed information if you are not seeing recent tweets after adding the widget or the widget is being cut off.

Many of you noticed issues recently with the Twitter related features available for your Typepad blog. (You can read the discussion in the forum thread.) Most of the issues have since been resolved!

Twitter made some changes to their API which Typepad uses to provide the options to sign in to Typepad using Twitter, connect a Twitter account, and share posts to Twitter. Due to the changes to the Twitter API, these features were not available for a few days. The Typepad team worked over the weekend to develop a fix which was released on Monday afternoon.

The ability to share posts to Twitter, sign in to Typepad using Twitter, and add Twitter to the Other Accounts module has been restored. The option to sign in to comment using Twitter will only be available if you are using Typepad Connect comments. The default commenting system, however, does not allow you to sign in to Twitter to comment at this time, but you can sign in using one of the other options. We are working on resolving this issue as well.

Please also note the changes to Twitter's API impacted other third-party tools which offer up widgets which display your recent tweets. If you have a widget which is not functioning, we would recommend configuring a new recent tweets widget using Twitter's widget creator. We have outlined the steps to configure the User Timeline widget here:

  1. Go to https://twitter.com/settings/widgets. You'll be prompted to sign in to Twitter if you aren't already.
  2. Click the Create New button.
  3. Enter your Typepad blog address in the Domains field. i.e. example.typepad.com or www.example.com
  4. Adjust the other available options.
  5. Click Create Widget.
  6. Copy the code provided for the widget.
  7. Go to Typepad. You'll be prompted to sign in to Typepad using your email and password if you aren't already.
  8. Open the Blogs menu and select the blog you want to add the Twitter widget.
  9. Click to Design > Content.
  10. Select the Embed Your Own HTML module from the center column.
  11. Click Add This Module.
  12. Paste in the code for the Twitter widget in the pop-up box and enter a Label (optional) which will not display on your blog.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Rearrange the module in your sidebar.
  15. Click Save Changes to update your blog with the new widget.

Please note if you are using Advanced Templates, Mixed Media Layout, or Chroma Theme for your blog's design, you will not have the Embed Your Own HTML module option. Instead, you can use one of the other options to add content to your sidebar described here.



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