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Discontinuing the Connect to FeedBurner tool

Due to the discontinued support of FeedBurner's API, we have removed the Connect to FeedBurner tool at Settings > Feeds.

The actual connection between your blog feed and FeedBurner will not be disconnected, and the feed will still operate. If, however, you want to disconnect your feed from FeedBurner, either for safe measures or because you want to use another feed service, we've got you covered!

If your blog is not connected, the option will not be present on that screen and you can carry on with your day.

If your blog is connected to FeedBurner, you will see the "disconnect from FeedBurner" button at Settings > Feeds. Click the button to initiate the disconnect. You can, and this is totally up to you, choose to leave the feed connected at FeedBurner.com. That will allow those who use the FeedBurner URL in their feed readers to still see your updates.

Users making use of the email subscription widget from FeedBurner do not need to remove the widget; that, as far as we're aware, will continue to function as it has and not be affected by the API matter. Additionally, the FeedFlare option at Design > Content will no longer be available, though it doesn't appear FeedBurner has discontinued the feature currently activated on blogs.

To learn more about which APIs Google has discontinued or deprecated, please visit their blog.

For other feed service options like FeedBurner, you may want to check out FeedBlitz, AWeber, or similar. Know of another service and want to share it with other Typepad bloggers? Hop over to the user forums!

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