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Discontinuing the Connect to FeedBurner tool

Due to the discontinued support of FeedBurner's API, we have removed the Connect to FeedBurner tool at Settings > Feeds.

The actual connection between your blog feed and FeedBurner will not be disconnected, and the feed will still operate. If, however, you want to disconnect your feed from FeedBurner, either for safe measures or because you want to use another feed service, we've got you covered!

If your blog is not connected, the option will not be present on that screen and you can carry on with your day.

If your blog is connected to FeedBurner, you will see the "disconnect from FeedBurner" button at Settings > Feeds. Click the button to initiate the disconnect. You can, and this is totally up to you, choose to leave the feed connected at FeedBurner.com. That will allow those who use the FeedBurner URL in their feed readers to still see your updates.

Users making use of the email subscription widget from FeedBurner do not need to remove the widget; that, as far as we're aware, will continue to function as it has and not be affected by the API matter. Additionally, the FeedFlare option at Design > Content will no longer be available, though it doesn't appear FeedBurner has discontinued the feature currently activated on blogs.

To learn more about which APIs Google has discontinued or deprecated, please visit their blog.

For other feed service options like FeedBurner, you may want to check out FeedBlitz, AWeber, or similar. Know of another service and want to share it with other Typepad bloggers? Hop over to the user forums!


David Ewart

Hmm, this makes me a little nervous about the email subscription widget. I've been slowly building a small subscription base over the years. Is there an alternative?


I haven't seen anything to suggest that the email subscription widget will lose support or stop working, David. You may, however, be able to find an alternative with the sites listed in the above post, or with other email marketing websites. One that may be a good alternative is MailChimp's RSS-to-Email option: http://mailchimp.com/features/rss-to-email/

David Ewart

Thanks Brianna.

Siddy Says

Yikes. I am a total novice and have no idea how to go about this :( all I know is my 'subscribe' link now shows html code. Nervous would be a bit of understatement in this case. Panicking more like it!

Please break it down for 'know-nothings' like me.


Hi! What your browser outputs for the feed is really up to the browser itself. Some browsers will show the feed code, though they're in the minority. Most browsers will, fortunately, display a more friendly view of your feed, often with subscribe buttons for some feed reader options. For example, in Firefox, I see this: http://screencast.com/t/ORm4Rt7L7oI -- the dropdown lets me choose from one of a few default options (Google meaning Google Reader), or I can select from a feed reader on my computer.

Most feed subscribers will know to copy the URL and paste it into their online feed reader if that's the way they read their blog subscriptions.

Siddy Says

Thanks a mil, I checked in Explorer and it is as you say. I was checking in chrome earlier and its still the html... is that how its going to remain? Or is there a way out of that??

Patricia H. Kushlis

Can you recommend a free - or less expensive - RSS Feed service equivalent to Googlefeed? Neither of the two (Feedblitz or Aweber)you mention do it for us. Feedblitz is likely more appropriate for us than Aweber but for a small blog with no advertising revenue and RSS subscribers between 400 and 450 the prices are out of line. Frankly, we don't need the personal support.

Mridu Bhattacharya

Thanks for letting us know.


thank you very much to the author of this article, I finally got a very useful insight
helped problem I face now


I'm not aware of a service right now that provides a different display for your feed. FeedBurner offers that, but obviously that's not a legitimate option right now. I'll keep an eye out for alternatives. If I come across any, I'll make sure that one of us in Support writes it up and shares it with the community. :)


Are you wanting a solution for tracking your subscribers or for email subscriptions? If the latter, other alternatives that you may be interested in are MailChimp and MadMimi. If you try either one, head over to the user forums (linked in the original post) and let everyone know which service you end up using and your experience. It would help a lot of other folks out, too! :D

Amy Flynn

Hi I have feed subscribe widget at this blog: http://thecallofyourbeing.com - when I click it I get the usual page of the blog posts and options to subscribe in the dropdown menu. I *think* this is feedburner. Is it? It is the same as what is at http://allabout-energy.com,which is feedburner.

However, when I log into "My feeds" (under the email address I thought ALL my feeds were claimed under) the call of your being feed is not there. When I claimed my feeds at Google (after they bought Feedburner) I don't think I had created the Call of Your Being blog. I am pretty sure this feed was created WHILE Google owned feedburner, so no "claiming" was necessary.

I can't find out which of my Google accounts has ownership of the Call of Your Being blog feed. I have 3 Google accounts. I have logged into all 3 of them and it's not in any of them. When I go to "claim" my feeds and log into feedburner, I get the message all of my feeds have all ready been migrated to feedburner. The feed is not there in any Google Feedburner account ... yet the feed widget and feed exist.

Could this be another feed other than Google Feedburner? Can you tell?

Thanks for any help!

Amy Flynn


I just checked the http://allabout-energy.com feed and it looks very different, lovely with pictures and full posts.. it is labeled a Feedburner feed. The one at http://TheCallofYourBeing.com is an "atom.xml" feed ( http://www.thecallofyourbeing.com/atom.xml ) and it only lists a synopsis of each post. So whose feed is this?


Amy, the Call of Your Being feed is just the raw feed that Typepad produces for you and your subscribers. Some browsers will display it in a friendly format, like a simple page with summaries; one or two others show only the feed code. FeedBurner is still a viable solution for tracking feed statistics and setting it up so that your feed looks nice; we just won't be offering the automatic redirect to FeedBurner's URL anymore.

Amy Flynn

THank you Brianna! Is there a way then to set up Feedburner for TheCallofYourBeing.com (and replace the atom.xml feed) without using the 'now retired' TypePad Feedburner redirect?

I am so technically savvy, I'm sure I could follow instructions (cough cough.... LOL) Easy instructions! ;-)

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