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Typepad Responds: Domain mapping without the www



My domain mapped URL is working great, except when I try to use it without the www prefix. How do I fix this?

TpaDomain mapping is Typepad's feature that allows you to use your own custom domain - like www.myblog.com - for your blog or blogs. When setting up domain mapping, we generally recommend using a CNAME record that points www to your Typepad base URL (like example.typepad.com). Because of this, you use the www when adding the domain in Typepad.

In some cases, this means that the non-www version of the domain needs to be set up separately. For that, we recommend using a simple forward or redirect at your registrar that points the non-www version of the domain to the www version.

So, for example, you'd redirect myblog.com to www.myblog.com and that will route all traffic to that URL to the right place. Some registrars don't support that type of redirect. In cases like that, your best option is to contact your registrar and see if they have suggestions for what you can do.

We have lots of information about domain mapping in our Knowledge Base. The FAQ is a good place to start.

Hope this helps!

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