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Help! My Typepad Tip Jar is no longer working. What should I do?

Tpa Many Typepad bloggers have noticed that the Tip Jar (an easy way to accept donations right on your blog) is not currently working as expected. We're so sorry about that, and we are investigating the issue right now. We know how important it is for you to continue accepting donations, so in the meantime, we highly recommend setting up a Donate button via PayPal. It's a great, easy alternative that will allow you to continue to accept donations right into your PayPal account, and you can still display a button right on your blog.

To get started, head on over to your PayPal account. You can see and customize your options for your own Donate button right here.

Once you set up your button and copy the provided code, just log in to your Typepad Account and click to Design > Content. Add an Embed Your Own HTML module, and paste the code into the box (Read more about adding HTML code to your Sidebar here). Click OK, drag the box into place on your sidebar, and save your changes. You're all set! We hope to have the Tip Jar working again soon, but this will get you on the road to accepting donations again ASAP!

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thank you.

Sharon Nemeth

I just added a PayPal Donate button to our website (http://lwv-ne.org) last week (Nov. 13 or so) and found the link would not open at our PayPal account page. Instead, if using Firefox, the link went nowhere, but if using IE, a message that the content could not be opened in a frame appears, and provides a link for a new window. However, that link led to PayPal's home page, which is not a helpful stop for those who are wanting to donate.

In contacting PayPal's support team, the issue was resolved by adding a bit of extra code to the button's html. The person I talked with said the reason we had the "frame" issue was because I placed the button code in a module (per Typepad's content design) and the frame of the module was causing the problem. So, it may be the format of the modules that cause this.

I also have a slight problem along this line with our link to the Nebraska Secretary of State's website. Nothing happens if clicked on in Firefox, but the error message about not being able to open in a frame appears when using IE. The provided link for a new window does not go to the "Elections" page of the NE SOS's web site, although that's where our link originated, but instead leads to the NE SOS's home page. This apparently has been sufficient for the voters who visited our site prior to the Nov. 6 elections as I only received one complaint about it. However, it would be really great if the link on our web site led directly to the page we want it go to, although I suppose those using Firefox simply Googled for the website when the link connection didn't work.

Sharon Nemeth
Office Administrator
League of Women Voters of Nebraska



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