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Upgrading the Zemanta Experience: Related Posts

Back in April, we added Zemanta Recommended Links to the Typepad Compose editor.  Ever since then, you've been able add links to topics and content relevant to your post. Zemanta has now upped the stakes with a Related Posts option.

Let us explain the differences between Related Links and Related Posts.

With Related Links, you were able to quickly and easily add links to outside sources within your posts.  It's a great way to make each post more content-rich, enhancing your reader's experience.

Related Posts, on the other hand, are links to other bloggers who write about similar topics. These types of links can also easily be added to each post.

You might be wondering what kind of suggestions that this will generate.  Here are some examples:

  • Links to relevant webpages like Wikipedia and Google Maps
  • Links back to your own posts when it's relevant about what you're writing
  • Links to related posts from other bloggers 
  • Promoted posts from our partners (marked with a "promoted" tag)

But why link to other bloggers?  What's in it for your readers and, more importantly, for you?  We'll let Zemanta answer that for you:


As you can see, this is definitely a win-win for all bloggers!  If you have any questions, Zemanta's FAQ has more information.


Siddy Says

I was wondering what happened!! It's a fabulous idea... loved loved loved it. BUT, can we somehow edit the formatting of how the related articles appear? I didn't select any articles this time for my post (even though I was super excited) because I didn't really like how they were appearing below the post.



Hey Siddy!

Huh, that is weird, yes! Would you be so kind and send us a screenshot of how the Articles are appearing on your side? We are already investigating what could be wrong, but your screenshot would be of much help, if possible. Here's my email address: support[at]zemanta[dot]com

Once again — thanks for the feedback and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Have a nice day!


Anna Farmery

Funny as today I got an invite to Wordnik......do you work with them as well?


Do I need to add any CSS for this to work properly (I'm using advanced templates)? The links are appearing as an unordered list at the moment. Thanks.


I was also underwhelmed by the way it looked.

Is there a widget that generates recommended links solely for our own blog? (If you liked this, you should read...) I know they're common on other platforms, but I can't seem to find one.


Hey Siddy, it looks like our engineers have found out what was the problem and said that everything should work as it should now. The articles are appearing nicely on our side and most of our users are reporting back the same results — can you confirm this? Or are you still experiencing any problems?

You are more than welcome to email us at anytime if you have any questions or if you need any assistance — I'll gladly help! Here's my email address again (support[at]zemanta[dot]com) and I'm on Twitter as well (@ZemantaSupport).

Looking forward to your answer! Take care!


Siddy Says

Hi Silvo,

Thank you for your prompt response.
I have emailed a screen shot for your review.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kymberlie R. McGuire

It sounds link the LinkWithin widget would be right up your alley:


Yes! Thank you!


Hey Richard!

We had an issue while updating the plugin, but thankfully we fixed it by now, so they should appear normally now (horizontally, that is).

I would like to kindly suggest you to clean your browsing data (cache), restart your browser and try again then.

Are they showing up correctly now; can you confirm this? Let us know, we're really eager to get to the bottom of this.

Once again — thanks for your patience & feedback and sorry for all the inconvenience! And please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our service in the future; you can reach us via email (support[at]zemanta[dot]com), Twitter (@ZemantaSupport) or on our Support Center (support.zemanta.com).

Have a nice day!


Andraž Tori

Hi Jared,

actually we had a small bug which broke proper styling. This is now fixed and it should look the way your standard related posts look - while you are able to select & pick which posts get shown there.

Andraz from Zemanta


I was wondering what happened!! It's a fabulous idea... loved loved loved it.

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