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Typepad Responds: Learn More About Your Billing


Welcome to Typepad Responds! As an experienced support team, we know that people often have similar questions, and we're dedicated to reaching as many bloggers as possible. In this five-week series, your expert Support team will select a question we've received from a Typepad blogger, and we'll answer it right here. Let's get started!


Help! I need more information on my billing!


Tpa You've probably wondered, at one time or another, about your account's billing information. Maybe you've forgotten your billing date or you need an invoice for your records. Did you know that there is ton of information that you can find out right within your Typepad account?

To start off, first go to Account > Billing Info. There, you can see at a glance the Billing Summary information.  In this section, you can see which plan you're on, which billing cycle you've selected (either Yearly or Monthly), how much you are charged a year, your next billing date, and the day you became a member.

Under the first section you will find the Transaction History for your account.  This list will show you all transactions posted to your credit card along with any credit card changes you may have made (for instance, updating your credit card to a different number).

To view a printable invoice for any of your transactions, click the View Invoice link next to any transaction to open an invoice for the transaction in a new window.

We have more information on this in our Knowledge Base here.

Have a great day!


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