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From SAY Daily: Forget Mobile First, 2013 Is the Year of Tablet First

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It’s the greatest canvas for media ever invented. It’s colorful, tactile, powerful, and programmable.

Robin Sloan, Author and Media Inventor

Plenty of people have said it before, but this time it’s official - 2013 really is the year of the tablet. And if you’re in the content business (meaning you’re a publisher or marketer), this is the year you need to be thinking tablet first.

The newest numbers for tablets tell the story: Apple has sold over 100 million iPads to date. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and others have competitive tablet products in market and tablet traffic grew 300 percent in 2012. In fact, tablets will surpass smartphone traffic in early 2013, and will account for 10 percent of all Web traffic in 2014. And this percentage is higher for content-specific traffic (i.e. reading, watching and engaging). Despite the fact that only 23 percent of companies design their sites specifically for a tablet and only 33 percent test their sites on tablets, consumers are taking to tablets like fish to water. These numbers alone should spark CEOs and CMOs to get their teams thinking tablet first when designing new products and marketing campaigns.

As impressive as the numbers are, the real thing driving this growth is design: tablets can deliver wonderful content experiences. The Web has changed the world in thousands of ways, but print has remained one of the best ways to get truly wonderful editorial experiences - thoughtfully laid out magazine covers and article pages, large high-quality images, a human touch when integrating advertising, a tactical experience in turning a thick shiny page and, yes, even the smell. By contrast, old-school online content is typically crammed in a box with small pixelated images, stuffed unreadably with search-friendly keywords, and surrounded by distracting blinking ads. The content seems secondary to the noise that surrounds it.




It would be great to see some tablet (touch UI) focused templates & features in TypePad.

Mary Nguyen

It's odd that you guys would post an article that centrals around the tablet and its growth in usage....

and yet typepad is completely impossible to use on a tablet. I can't edit posts or even preview posts on a tablet. Only thing I can do is view my stats and comments. Other than that it's totally useless.

Just saying.


Tablets will become the norm in many hotels and home rooms around the world within the next year or so, we predict.

J. Hohn

Mary called it. The irony here isn't lost on us!


Hi Mary,

We hear you! We're working on updates to our App - can you tell us more of what you'd like to see? We'd love to hear it.

We also worked with the folks at Blogsy to develop their Typepad integration, so if you're on an iPad and are interested in checking it out, we'd be happy to credit your account for the price of the app. :)


Hi Robin, thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see! I agree that tablet focused themes and features would be a fantastic direction for us to go in. :D

Mary Nguyen

I don't necessarily need an app as I would like the typepad site to be compatible with a tablet (for me, an ipad) just so I can do something as simple as edit a post or even create one. I can't even click the "preview" post as a blank page appears. You can't edit an existing post as 1) everything gets converted to HTML and 2) even sifting through HTML to fix a few things I can't hit the publish button.

Tumblr's website works amazingly on my iPad. I can create blog posts and preview then submit them.

Steve B

Tablets are funky devices and in a sense are a mobile device par excellence. Intel are doing some really interesting behind-the-scenes stuff re processor power and reduced heat emmissions. It's this kind of technology advancement that drives the market. I'm really interested to see how the minituarization of devices is going to dovetail with social marketplaces, that is people trading on the go. Throw in near-field technology and new social marketplaces like eSeekerz.com and I reckon we're set for another evolutionary leap.


Tablet are good device for stock market:) sometimes i don't have acces to computer but always have tablet on me


The fast growing portion of people reading blogs from iPads and smartphones means it is urgent for TypePad to both introduce responsive blog designs and make it easier to edit all aspects of TypePad blogs and pages from tablets and smartphones. At least one major blogging alternative has solved the responsive design issue and their marketing of their responsiveness to mobile platforms has made me consider them as an alternative. If TypePad doesn't address this issue urgently they will see more and more defectors to the opposition.


You nailed it Mary. TypePad is falling behind in the new post PC world. If they don't make big changes soon they will find it hard to catch up. A lot of companies have been surprised by the changing landscape as tablets and smartphones become more important. Those that adapt quickly will be survivors, those who don't adapt might find themselves struggling.

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