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Typepad Release Notes

Fixes & Improvements

For those of you who use the mobile /.m/ directory, you may have noticed that there was something wonky happening where the mobile view was broken when a Featured post was turned on. That bit of code has been corrected, so everything will now appear as it should.

Some additional things we've added to the mobile /.m/ experience are:

  • link around the banner section so that mobile viewers can quickly return to the front of the (mobile version) blog.
  • CSS class to the mobile footer links so that the links can be styled:
    • Categories - .footer-archives
    • Recent Comments - .footer-comments
    • About - .footer-about
    • Main - .footer-main

New CSS Options for the 5 Classic Layouts

With today's release also comes a set of new CSS classes for the <body> tag of each of the 5 classic layouts. If you have an Unlimited account or above, you will now be able to make customizations with CSS for the different templates of your blog:

  • Front index of your blog -- index
  • Individual post -- post
  • Individual page -- page
  • Category archive - category
  • Date-based archive - date
  • Archives list - archives
  • Search Results - search

Need a bit of code as an example of how to use it? Let's use the new class for each of these pages and set a different background color them:

/* Background for Index */
body.index { background-color: #9C8978; } 

/* Background for Posts */
body.post { background-color: #263842; }

/* Background for Pages */
body.page { background-color: #55758A; } 

/* Background for Categories */
body.category { background-color: #91BFCC; } 

/* Background for Monthly Archives */
body.date { background-color: #B6D4D4; } 

/* Background for Archives List */
body.archives { background-color: #D0D6D6; } 

/* Background for Search Results */
body.search { background-color: #D3B6B6; } 

Some examples of what you can do with each template type are: set custom backgrounds and colors; use different fonts; remove a column (e.g. from Pages or similar); hide post content so only titles display on date/category archives; and more!

The inclusion of custom classes really expands what you, and theme designers, can do with your Typepad blog. We encourage you to setup a test blog and try these out!


Sean Brady

Well done Typepad as a long time loyal user your product just gets better. All the latest themes, css guides and now the capacity to modify the basic components of the blog has just put the 'icing on the cake',

Sean Brady


Thanks, Sean! I'm really glad to read that you're enjoying the recent improvements and themes we've been releasing. It's always a pleasure to know that what we're working hard on is appreciated by users, and gets them excited for what they can do.

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