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Typepad Release Notes

Fixes & Improvements

For those of you who use the mobile /.m/ directory, you may have noticed that there was something wonky happening where the mobile view was broken when a Featured post was turned on. That bit of code has been corrected, so everything will now appear as it should.

Some additional things we've added to the mobile /.m/ experience are:

  • link around the banner section so that mobile viewers can quickly return to the front of the (mobile version) blog.
  • CSS class to the mobile footer links so that the links can be styled:
    • Categories - .footer-archives
    • Recent Comments - .footer-comments
    • About - .footer-about
    • Main - .footer-main

New CSS Options for the 5 Classic Layouts

With today's release also comes a set of new CSS classes for the <body> tag of each of the 5 classic layouts. If you have an Unlimited account or above, you will now be able to make customizations with CSS for the different templates of your blog:

  • Front index of your blog -- index
  • Individual post -- post
  • Individual page -- page
  • Category archive - category
  • Date-based archive - date
  • Archives list - archives
  • Search Results - search

Need a bit of code as an example of how to use it? Let's use the new class for each of these pages and set a different background color them:

/* Background for Index */
body.index { background-color: #9C8978; } 

/* Background for Posts */
body.post { background-color: #263842; }

/* Background for Pages */
body.page { background-color: #55758A; } 

/* Background for Categories */
body.category { background-color: #91BFCC; } 

/* Background for Monthly Archives */
body.date { background-color: #B6D4D4; } 

/* Background for Archives List */
body.archives { background-color: #D0D6D6; } 

/* Background for Search Results */
body.search { background-color: #D3B6B6; } 

Some examples of what you can do with each template type are: set custom backgrounds and colors; use different fonts; remove a column (e.g. from Pages or similar); hide post content so only titles display on date/category archives; and more!

The inclusion of custom classes really expands what you, and theme designers, can do with your Typepad blog. We encourage you to setup a test blog and try these out!

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