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Retiring Typepad Anti-Spam and Switching to Impermium

As you might have read, we're disabling TrackBacks system-wide as part of our battle against spammers. Another huge step in this direction is by partnering with Impermium, a premier provider of social spam protection services, and retiring our own Typepad Anti-Spam service.

Spam is a very serious problem for each and every person on the Internet and using an industry leader like Impermium is one of the best ways for us to face it. We know spam has been making the Typepad experience less than ideal, so by using Impermium and their spam fighting techniques, we're tackling the spammers head on.

This switch-over will be invisible to you, though you may see a slight uptick in spam while the system becomes better at recognizing it. Rest assured - this will only be temporary and soon you should have a much better comment experience.

We've sent out an email to all people that have implemented Typepad Anti-Spam on non-Typepad blogs, so if that includes you, please be sure to check your inbox. If you have any questions, we're always here to help.

Simply leave us a comment or open a Help ticket and one of our support team members will be happy to assist you.

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