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Each week, we scout for great posts in the Typepad Showcase that fit a particular theme and are guaranteed to inspire. This week, we're rounding up some great travel posts by adventurous Typepad bloggers who are exploring cities far and near! Have a look - hopefully you'll be inspired to explore your own city or do some traveling of your own!

Want to come along? Click the pics!

Brian and Jen write about adventures both close to their New York City home and far away on their blog, That Long Yellow Line. Recently, they took a trip to one of New York City's "other" museums, Alice Austen House on Staten Island:

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Leona Lane's Renae and Jenn traveled to glorious Paris last summer, and Jenn recently took a break from the chilly Seattle winter to remember their sunny trip in pictures (see Part 1 here!):

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Helen at Curly Birds is moving her family to Bath, England for a month this summer, and she's currently researching her housing options! Will it be a flat in the city center, or a castle built in 1806?

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Elephantine's Rachel is a veteran explorer of her home city, frequently taking her readers along via gorgeous photos. She recently added The Whale Wins and Volunteer Park Conservatory to her Seattle city guide.

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We hope you enjoyed this week's roundup of fantastic Typepad blogs! Check out more great blogs right here. We'd love to see your blog in the Typepad Showcase, so go ahead and submit it today - you might just see yourself in the spotlight!



Wow, those photos are impressive.

Indrani Perera

I've just come home from 3 months in South America ( with my husband and young daughters and those pictures make me want to travel over over again!

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