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Typepad 101: Verify Your Site With Search Engines & Pinterest

Welcome to Typepad 101! Whether you want to add some new features to your blog's design, or simply make your blog more functional, Typepad 101 has you covered. Topics covered in this series are suitable for bloggers at any skill level. If you're at a plan which doesn't include a necessary feature, you can upgrade to put these tricks to use on your blog.

When you first create your blog, it's a good idea to verify your blog with search engines to make sure your blog is indexed right away. If you are a fan of Pinterest, you can also verify your site there as well using similar steps.

Most sites will offer you a couple options to verify your site. The easiest option to verify your Typepad blog is to download a unique file provided by Google or another site. Then, you can upload the file to the File Manager in your Typepad account.

For specific instructions for each site, please see the articles linked below:

When you download the verification file to your computer, make note of where the file was saved. It may be easiest to download the file to your computer's desktop for quick access later. You don't need to keep the file once you have uploaded it.

In Typepad, go to Library > File Manager. You'll either upload the verification file to the Home folder in the File Manager or the individual blog folder which will depend on the address you submitted for your blog.

Upload Verification File To Blog Folder
You would upload the verification to the individual blog folder if you submitted the blog's address - i.e. - to the site. In the previous example, the blog's folder is "foldername", and you can click the folder name in the File Manager to open it and upload the verification file. You'd also upload to the individual blog folder if you have mapped a domain or subdomain to the individual blog, instead of the entire site.

You can find your blog's folder name at Blogs > (select blog) > Settings. Once you have the correct folder open at Library > File Manager, click Browse or Choose File (depending on your browser), select your file, and click Upload.

Upload Verification File To Home Folder
The verification file can be uploaded to the "Home" folder in your Typepad account if you submitted the shorter URL for your blog to the search engine or Pinterest or if you mapped a domain to your entire site, instead of an individual blog. The shorter URL for your blog would be similar to

The Home folder is the default at Library > File Manager, so you don't need to open any other folder. Simply click Browse or Choose File, locate the file on your computer, and click Upload.

Once you have uploaded the verification file to your Typepad account, you can go back to the search engine, Pinterest, or other site and confirm your blog is ready for verification. That should be all it takes to verify your blog!

If you wish to verify your blog with a service not listed and encounter difficulties, let us know by posting to the forum, and we'll help you with verification.

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