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Typepad 101: Choosing Colors for Blog Design

If you've ever created your own blog design, either from scratch or via our Theme Builder feature, you know that choosing just the right colors can be a little daunting. The colors you choose will have an immediate impression on visitors to your blog. Bright and bold colors convey confidence and joy while dark or subdued shades can convey professionalism and a serious tone. Color selection is a way to tell readers who you are before they even read your content.

The Basics

First, bright or unique colors are fabulous but it's very important that your content remain as legible as possible. Consider using bright colors as accents and keeping your post text black or white. If a visitor can't read your content, they simply won't come back. 

Further to that, try to make sure that links look like links. That means they're somehow different from the surrounding text - a contrasting color, bold font, underlined, etc.

Think of color in blog design as spices in your food - the blog text is the star of the show and colors enhance the overall flavor and add personality. If you're unsure about color, add a little bit at a time - you can always change it back if it doesn't feel right.

This Introduction to Color Theory for Web Designers has a great section about contrast and legibility.

Finding Inspiration

One of the great things about color is that it's everywhere we turn. You probably have a favorite photograph or piece of art - would those colors work for your blog? How about an advertisement or piece of fabric that grabbed your attention? There's absolutely no limit to where you can look for color inspiration.

PictaculousIf you are starting with a photo, either to use as a banner in your design or just as inspiration, try uploading it to Pictaculous and the site will spit out color palette suggestions. If you're not great at picking colors yourself, this takes all the guesswork out of the process.

For even more inspiration, look to sites like Colour Lovers and Design Seeds. Both sites have palettes that you can use as starting points with your own design. The color combinations are unique and trendy, which will keep your blog's design on the cutting edge.

Another great way to find colors for your blog's design is to explore sites you're already using, like Flickr or Pinterest. We recommend collecting sources of inspiration and seeing if there are common bonds, like a particular shade or combination of colors.

Where do you turn for tools and inspiration for selecting colors for your blogs? Share your ideas with other Typepad subscribers over at Get Satisfaction. We look forward to being inspired!


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