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Typepad Release Notes: Spring Fling and Typelist update

Spring Fling - a brand new theme

There's still some Spring left, and we want to celebrate it with the release of a new theme, Spring Fling. 


Bw Bw Coral-floral Coral-floral

With four color variations, Spring Fling is a fun and light design that can beautifully showcase photographs and videos, as well as allow for wide sidebar content. Setup a test blog and try it out today!

Typelist update

To add to the customizations that you can make to your blog via CSS, we've incorporated something that will let you modify individual Typelists. Now with custom IDs, you can style each Typelist added to your blog as separate entities rather than settling for the same style across them all.

But how do you take advantage of that? Easy! After adding a Typelist to  your blog, use your browser to view the source of the blog so that you're looking at its code. Look for your sidebar content where the Typelists exist. In the first DIV wrapper, you'll see an ID. That ID will be a lowercase version of your Typelist title, with multiple words separated by an underscore instead of a space.

For example, if you added a Notes Typelist with the title "Welcome", you'd see the following in your blog's source code:

To style this module, and only this module, you would use the ID "welcome" in your CSS, indicating that it's an ID and not a Class. That would look like #welcome.

#welcome { background-color: #cccccc; }
   #welcome .module-header { border-top: 5px solid #333333; }

The above CSS would set a gray background color to the entire Welcome Typelist, and add a dark gray border to the top of the header. No other Typelists would be affected by the CSS.

If the title of the Typelist was "Welcome to my blog", then your ID would end up as "welcome_to_my_blog" and the CSS indicator would be #welcome_to_my_blog.

This addition means Big and Totally Awesome changes can be made to your blog's design. We'd love to see how you use this new ID option, so make sure you share your changes with the rest of the community in the community forum!



Funny! - I was just about to search in the forum for exactly this


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