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Combating Comment Spam: An Update

Today, we want to address the recent spam attack that caused many of our bloggers to experience a sudden and very unfortunate influx of comment spam. We were just as frustrated as you were by the situation, and fixing it was our top priority.

Last week, we worked closely with Impermium to fix the problem.  They quickly made several changes to limit the number of comments that were getting through the filter.  Additionally, we changed some default behaviors on our end which should also help reduce the spam you receive.

If you're noticing legitimate comments are being caught in the spam filter, you can publish those via the Comments tab by selecting the "spam comments" in the drop down menu.

We're working hard to figure out why this is happening, and we need your help. If your legitimate comments are being caught, please publish them and open a Help ticket that includes a link to the comment. Essential information like this will help us get to the bottom of things more quickly.

We appreciate you sticking with us as we continue the good fight against spammers!

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