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Typepad Release Notes: Theme Builder updates!

Today we are happy to announce some much needed updates to the Theme Builder. We have even more updates we'll be providing this year, but this first batch of changes were a bit overdue.

First up, a brand new default style to build from or use as-is. With a light gray background, and uniform font and color selection, the Theme Builder is light years away from its original "earth" form.

Theme Builder - Original Style
Original Style
Theme Builder - New Style
New Default Style

When comparing the two styles above, take note of how much wider the new default is now compared to the previous. It's the voodoo that we do to bring stuff to you, du--de (we admit that fell a little flat, but we're not Salt 'n' Pepa).

Okay, not really. It's not magic of any kind, but it's still our favorite of this release: new column widths (*arm pump*)! Before today's release, the Theme Builder had only a handful of widths to choose from for both the Main Content and Sidebar columns. After today's release, however, there are two whole handfuls--no, really! No longer are you forced to choose between narrow sizes or Fluid for the Main Content column; nor shall you be limited to small sidebars. 

Check out these screenshots of the new options:

New column widths for the Main Content column
Choose from 300-1000px or Fluid for the post column!

New widths for the Sidebar Column
Choose between 150-400px for the sidebar!

These changes mean great things for all users, but here are some examples that we're stoked about:

  • Plus subscribers have even more control over the look of their blog and aren't forced to upgrade just to change the column widths;
  • A variety of widths means that the Theme Builder is a fantastic fit for all types of blogs, particularly now for the photographers, scrappers, crafters, and, well...everyone(!);
  • The new sidebar widths mean there's room to allow for wider content and a better fit for advertising, images, videos, and other secondary content.

There are so many things to enjoy about these updates, and we hope that everyone is as excited about them as we are. It's definitely been a long time coming, but what's thrilling is that these are only one small chunk of all the updates and new features we've got in store for Typepad.

Want to stay in the loop for when those new features are released? You know what to do--keep checking back here for more news! You can also join the Beta team to help test new features (hint: we've got something ready for Beta testers soon, so sign up!). And, as always, we'd love to discuss everything having to do with Typepad with you and other bloggers, so hop into the community forums if you're not already an active participant.



Thank you!

Account Deleted

So glad to hear it! I've been waiting to change over to Theme Builder, but just needed wider column options. Thank you!

Oser Communications Group, Inc.

Wow! We've been on the verge of leaving for WordPress because we've been so frustrated with the lack of support for theme-building here. This is a good start, but it's just a start!


I'm so glad you've got what you need now from the Theme Builder, Lisa. :) I hope you're able to achieve what you wanted to do now that the extra widths are available to you.


It's definitely just the start, but additional widths were our highest priority since the previous ones were too restrictive. Hope you'll stick around for all of the future updates too. :D

Eniko DeLisle

Hallelujah! I've been so frustrated by the width restrictions. So what's the total available width? I prefer a 3-column layout & the right side of my 500 pixel photos in the center column have been getting cut-off lately, forcing me to Photoshop a white right-side buffer to my photos in order for the entire image to show. Will this wider option fix the problem?

Also, how will the new wider format affect viewing on smart phones?
Thanks, Brianna!

Images by Karen

This is great stuff!!! I would still LOVE to see the ability to upload more than one image at a time when composing.... when you're a photographer and most of your posts are images this would be a time saver....

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