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FeedBlitz and Typepad: Making Your Feed Better Together

After Google discontinued support for the FeedBurner API last year, we here at Typepad have looked for ways to bring similar functionality back. Luckily, we have found the perfect partnership with FeedBlitz.

FeedBlitz makes it easy to add all kinds of additional functionality to your feed. You can track how many subscriptions you have, integrate with your existing Google Analytics account, works better for SEO functions, place advertising in your feed to make some additional money, and even send out automatic e-mails with new posts to your subscribers.  You can even import in a FeedBurner feed.

Best of all, as a Typepad subscriber, this new partnership allows you to sign up for FeedBlitz for 50% off.  This means that you can take advantage of their service starting as low as $0.75 a month.  There's even a free 30 day trial to give you a chance to try it out.

You can read more about FeedBlitz and find out if it's a good fit for you here.

To connect your blog to FeedBlitz, first create a new FeedBlitz account or log into your existing account.  Follow the steps to either create a new feed or import your FeedBurner feed using their easy walk-through process.  Once you've created your feed, go to Settings > Feeds within Typepad, click the "Connect to FeedBlitz" button, enter your feed's URL, click Save, and you're done.  Easy as pie.

If you have any questions or need anything at all, FeedBlitz has their own support pages or you can always open a help ticket from within Typepad.  We're always here to help.


Craig McGinty

Just wondering if hooking into FeedBlitz will enable us to feature ads on our actual blogs, similar to how FeedBurner allowed elements to be included in the footer area?


Very interesting! Is the 50% off discount temporary or permanent?

The Typepad Team

Hi Tipper! The discount is permanent.


Wow! Very nice : )


@Tipper - confirming: permanent.


FeedBlitz inserts ads into the RSS feed (you can choose different locations) and emails. Participation is optional. If you include enough of the feed on your blog, the ad will appear, but given that any ads we insert are optimized for feeds / email and not the web, you'll do better on your blog with an ad service that's web-centric. The challenging nature of RSS and email ads is what makes our service special - it's a caapbility that a traditional web-based ad network can't offer.

Hope this helps.



Phil, for those of us who are longtime Typepad users *and* already Feedblitz users...? I've held off moving my Feedburner subscribers to Feedblitz because the cost will be prohibitive, but I love Feedblitz.

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