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Happy 10th Birthday, Typepad; Have a Theme!

We're celebrating Typepad's 10th birthday of knocking around the internet, and what better way to add to the festivities than with a brand new theme? Check it--

Loft in "Brick"
Loft in "Brick"

Loft is a modern theme, trimmed down to the essentials, for those of you who like to show off your images. Take advantage of the full width of the theme (1000px) to showcase your work, be it text or photographs, and enjoy how pulled together it appears when published.

Like to add captions to your images? With Loft, your captions will sit directly on the image, positioned at the bottom with a script font and transparent dark gray behind the text. This lets your words pop, without detracting from the image; instead, it stages the image for a very sleek and professional look.

Brick Mustard Boho Light

The theme comes with three color variations--Brick, Mustard, and Boho Light--to help support your content, not fight with it.

Interested in seeing additional color options of this theme? Why not visit this theme's community forum thread and submit color palettes you'd like to see offered? You can choose to help others if they're struggling with their color palette, or submit your own palette ideas. We will then look into offering those options for Loft in the future. Either way, it's a big win for you and your fellow bloggers!


Roger Sharp

Love it!
Looks great on iOS as well. Great work team.

Tim Fasano

How do you add captions?


Hi Tim! To add captions to your photos, you'll use the Aviary editor. Just insert your photo and then double click on it to activate Aviary. On the left, you'll see the Caption field. Add whatever you want there, and save your changes. It will appear on the published post.


Thank you! We're glad you like it! :D


Happy Birthday, TypePad. Keep up the good work!

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