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Retiring the Blogside Toolbar


Change is inevitable, and we all know that as blogging changes and grows, useful features are bound to come and go. Sometimes features that are no longer useful must be retired so that our resources can be used to fix issues and add useful features instead of maintaining a feature that doesn't really bring anything to your blogging experience.

To that end, we have decided to retire the Blogside Toolbar - the unassuming black toolbar that you may have seen atop your blog and other Typepad blogs. We have given this decision a lot of thought, and even discussed it with the Typepad Advisory Panel, a group of Typepad bloggers just like you.

We never want to take a useful feature away from our bloggers, however, the Blogside Toolbar hasn't seen a lot of action from our bloggers for a long time, and it has been causing conflicts with Advanced Template Sets, some slight delays on loading pages, and a minor security concern, which is what ultimately drove our decision to retire it. Together with the Typepad Advisory Panel, we determined that the Blogside Toolbar had outlived its usefulness, and the time had come to put it out to pasture, effective today.

We always want to hear from you, so we welcome your thoughts about the Blogside Toolbar in the comments!

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