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Typepad Release Notes: Pinterest Widget

Today we're releasing a Pinterest widget for your blog's sidebar! Want to know more? Then let's elaborate...

Other Accounts - Pinterest

As mentioned in a previous post, there's now a new Pinterest option at Account > Other Accounts. You can display a Pinterest icon on your Typepad profile, as well as your blog via the Other Accounts module. The icon and link serve as a way to share your profiles on other services with your readers, and now you have the option of linking to your curated content over at Pinterest.

To get started, follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base on adding an account to the Other Accounts list. Note: when you add your Pinterest account to your Other Accounts list, enter your Pinterest username only, not the full URL of your profile. If you want to display a list or grid of your other services in your sidebar, check out the Other Accounts module at Design > Content.

Make certain to have your Pinterest account added (username only), and that "Display on Profile" is checked, or you won't be able to add and configure the Pinterest widget we discuss below.

Pinterest Widget

The newest feature is a Pinterest widget, which will allow you to display up to 20 of your recently pinned items in your blog's sidebar. With a variety of options to choose from, the widget is ready to showcase your pins in a way that fits your blog's design without overwhelming other content.


Pinterest - SimpleSimple

With the simple option, the widget configuration is left to the defaults and will fit your sidebar nicely all on its own. The image thumbnails will display as cropped rectangles in a grid format.

All that's left for you to do is enter the heading you'd like to appear above the widget, then to click OK and preview the addition to your blog before you finish and click Save Changes.

Sound awesome?

But wait--there's more!


Pinterest - AdvancedAdvanced

With the advanced option, the widget configuration is left up to you.

Want four columns instead of two? Want to display 20 photos instead of 6? Prefer the staggered look over the uniformity of a grid?

You've so totally got this! And we've got your back.







Hey--we care about your interests, and we know that Pinterest has been one of them for a while now. What better way to show off and share what you're passionate about than with a service that so neatly ties together the content you've curated for yourself and others? Now, with the new Pinterest widget available to you, you can do just that; and we can't wait to see them pop up on your blogs.

Why not let us know what you think about this latest release? We feed off your feedback--it's what helps make this platform better with each release--so don't hesitate to hop over into the community forum to let us know what you're thinking.


Lisa Westervelt

Hmmm, I'm trying to add this, but while it WILL add the module, it does not show the grid in my sidebar....just the title. What am I doing wrong? I've tried both the simple and advanced options with no luck.

Harriete Estel Berman

I think that your post instructions need review.
Provide a link to a clear, step by step instructions.You assume that everyone know what you are talking about....not so.

Send a post to a typepad novice and ask for review. The user interface is horrendous.

Sorry to be so critical, but I want everyone to be able to integrate your new tools in minutes....not hours later with frustration.
Harriete Estel Berman

Christine Welsh

The same as what happens to Lisa, happens to me!


Hi Lisa. It doesn't look like you have Pinterest set to display in your Typepad Profile which also prevents the widget from loading your Pins. At Account > Other Accounts, click Edit next to Pinterest, check the Display On Profile option, and click Save. Then, you should be able to add the Pinterest widget. Let us know if the above suggestion doesn't resolve the issue.


Hi Christine. It looks like you have an extra space or character added to your Pinterest name in Typepad.

At Account > Other Accounts, click Edit next to Pinterest, update the username to "chriswdesigns" without the quotes, and click Save. Then, you should be able to add the Pinterest widget.

Let us know if the above suggestion does not allow for the widget to display, and we'll investigate further.

Christine Welsh

I tried that jen and it still didn't work! Only showed text...


We're sorry you feel that way, Harriete. We think Typepad is very easy to use, but we know there is always room for improvement.

We're happy to help anyone set up the Pinterest widget. It actually only takes a few steps to integrate Pinterest and is the same process as adding other accounts and modules to your blog.

At Account > Other Accounts, you can add your Pinterest account. We have more details on this here:

Then, go to Blogs > (select blog) > Design > Content, select the Pinterest widget, click Add This Module, make any changes you wish, click OK, and click Save Changes. More information on adding content is available here:

Are you getting stuck at a certain point in the process? We're happy to help. Just open a ticket and include your Pinterest URL and we'll set it up for you.

If you have other suggestions or concerns, we're happy to address those individually. Please open a help ticket in your account, and we'll follow up with you!


Christine, can you add the widget to your blog so we can take a look? At Design > Content, select the Pinterest widget, click Add This Module, click OK, and click Save Changes. Thanks!

Christine Welsh is working now.....I mustnt have waited long enough for the page to load! Sorry about that.....

Once Upon A Hive

I've added the widget and am using the advanced option. However, if I try any combination of columns/photos other than 1 nothing shows up.


We haven't seen a issue with the multiple column option not working for the Pinterest widget. Can you open a help ticket in your account at Help > New Ticket? Then we can take a closer look at the widget on your blog to troubleshoot. Thanks!


is it possible to see my pins in type pad?

Lisa Westervelt

Hi Jen,

Well, I've done what you suggested and a link with my name next to the Pinterest icon will show up (currenty at the top of my side bar so you can see what I mean) but no grid of pictures.


The Typepad Team

Hi Cin! Yes it is - you can embed Pins in a post or on your Sidebar like we've mentioned here. If you need a hand, just open a Help ticket! :D

The Typepad Team

Hi Lisa! After that, you need to add the Pinterest widget at Design > Content. If you had one there from before you added Pinterest to Other Accounts, I'd recommend removing it and starting again with the widget.

Lisa Westervelt

Sorry Jen, I've done everything you have suggested and it still doesn't work for me.

Lisa Westervelt

I just opened up a new ticket so hopefully someone will be able to get this sorted out for me, thanks!!

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