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From Say Daily: Online Loyalty: The Last Stand for Publishers


We're done when I say we're done.

Walter White, Breaking Bad

It’s lunch hour on a Wednesday and you find yourself accelerating downward through a content wormhole. You’ve spent the past 30 minutes dancing on tangents - the Miley Cyrus video that led you to a top ten list of award show fails, a deep dive on Britney Spears, quickly diverging to a ‘where are they now’ journey with the original cast of the Mickey Mouse Club. This goes on for the better part of an hour - Stumbling, Redditing and (Buzz)feeding your way into a content coma, inevitably winding up where all content bingers end their meal: with cats.

No, this is not some aberration fueled by midday boredom and caffeine, this is the status quo of online content consumption ... and it is alarmingly fickle.

We live in a digital world of listicles and memes where content is bite-sized and effectively unattributed. Can you name the author of the last top ten list you read? The publication that first scooped the Epic Twerk Fail? How about the site you just landed on when you clicked my cat link? Probably not, and it presents an incredible challenge for online publications: the challenge of building loyalty.

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