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Your Best Foot Forward: The Travel Post

Your Best Foot Forward - Everything Typepad series

Welcome to our special series on how to write a great blog post! Every other Thursday, we'll debut a new article that will teach you how to write posts for your blog that will engage and inspire your readers, encourage conversation in comments, and keep them coming back for more.   Put your best foot forward and watch your audience grow! Late to the party? Check out the other posts in our series here.

Travel blogs and blog posts are exciting for readers; it helps them escape to far-off, and not so far-off, places when they may otherwise not be able to. For the blogger, they reap the reward of the travel but also the stories and photographs they get to take home and share with their friends and family.

Perhaps you've been somewhere recently and would like to share everything you saw and learned; or maybe you want to relive past travels and you believe sharing them with others will help you to look back with fresh eyes. As a blogger, you've got the perfect platform to provide you the outlet. All that's left is to figure out what you want to say, as well as how best to say it.

Tease the Reader

You don't have to write about a trip all at once--turn it into a series!

Sharing bits of your latest adventure, rather than the entirety all at once, helps break your content into digestible amounts, keeping readers from simply scanning the post. The smaller posts also means they're a bit easier for you to write up, leaving you able to schedule the posts to publish ahead of time.

Another reason for breaking your travels up into multiple posts? Knowing there's more to learn about your experience, existing and new readers alike will be hooked and keep returning to read more.

The Big Picture

Use great photos from your trip to help illustrate the story!

There's no reason your post has to be all text, nor should it necessarily be all photographs since that doesn't say much about how you felt, or what you thought, in those moments. Find the right balance of text and photographs for you and the tale you're telling at the time.

Tip 'Em Off

Tips, like "Don't Miss This" lists or soundtrack suggestions for when traveling alone, are stand-out additions that can aid and amuse readers. They'll appreciate the information, and you'll have fun putting it all together. Additionally, if your trip had a specific focus (e.g. food-related; family; bucket list; and so on), gear your tips toward said focus; you'll be providing valuable information, or just a really great story, for your readers to ponder later.

Ready, Go

Consider the above, or come up with your own ideas, to create a travel post with some impact. Click "continue reading…" to see an example post, then make sure to leave a link to your own travel blog or post in the comments.

A Series of Firsts: San Francisco

San Francisco was never on my list of Places I Must See Or Else, so to give it some of my firsts, well--it didn't necessarily sit right with me. Why would I want to knowingly visit somewhere that was over-crowded, experienced earthquakes, and had (oh no) hippie hipsters? No thanks!

Except work called, meaning it was pretty critical that I make the trek westward. Me, a Florida gal who preferred small seaside towns to crowds (where crowds could be anywhere with more than, say, 10 people--no, even that's too many). I had my fair share of complaints, worries, and home-sickness, but I somehow managed thanks to a lucky charm. Said lucky charm is a best friend and, no, you can't borrow her.

I won't get into all of the firsts I gave San Francisco, but here's a tease of what's to come:

Met a cosplayer dressed as Aang
I was able to meet Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) in person!
Stayed at a Boutique hotel
Stayed at a true Boutique
hotel, The Mosser
Fancy dining with the crew;
"fancy" gives me hives, man.

Up Next: The First Night. I'm almost too embarrassed to share. I said almost.


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