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Featured Blog: Gooseflesh

NAME: Helle Jorgensen
BLOG: Gooseflesh
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Helle Jorgensen is an artist and teacher in Tweed Valley, Northern NSW. Gooseflesh is where she records her creative process and inspiration derived from exploring natural materials that grow on her property, using weaving and crochet techniques, the things she collects, and the things she makes.


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A Facebook User

Thank you for featuring Gooseflesh today. I'm thrilled!
I live in a small rural area in Northern NSW, away from the big cities, yet I'm able to communicate with the rest of the world through Typepad and the www.
How brilliant is that!

Vivian Cooper

I just finished looking at your blog and was blown away! It is brilliant! I am new to blogging and you have set the bar HIGH! I may never come close! Thank you for creating something so interesting and unique. I look forward to following you and seeing all the new things you create!

Warmest regards,
Vivian Cooper

Thanks so much Vivian. It's a great way to share and communicate.

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