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Featured Blog: Piece O' Cake

NAME: Becky Goldsmith
BLOG: Piece O' Cake
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: A professional quilter, author and teacher, Becky Goldsmith (half of the Piece O' Cake design team) blogs about her art and craft projects and the ins and outs of daily family life, spinning lively, engaging stories out of the everyday. In her "spare" time, she designs quilts, co-authors books, and travels, teaching both nationally and internationally.

Piece O' Cake

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Ugly Girl - Beautiful Life

Lovely work! I've Tweeted it!

Angela Minick

How do I post a blog? DO I have to pay for a memebership to this site?


Hi Angela! Thanks for contacting us. You don't need a Typepad account to comment on a blog post - as you have done here. If you want to start your own blog, you can sign up for a Typepad account at: http://www.typepad.com/pricing

If you have any questions about the features of Typepad or registering, please reach out to us at support@typepad.com. We're happy to help you get started!

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