Announcing: Changes to the way you edit images in Typepad with Aviary
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How To Save Captions And Other Image Edits

We've heard some very useful feedback on some of the recent changes to the Edit Image tools (also referred to as Aviary), so we'd like to give everyone a heads up and tell you how to save changes after editing an image, which has changed slightly with the latest update.

To make changes to the Standard Options for an image - including adding a caption, resizing the image, changing the alignment, and more - double-click on the image to open the Edit Image box. You can make the changes at the bottom of the box.

image from

To save any changes to the Standard Options, click the Save button in the upper right of the box. The location of the button to save changes to the image has changed, and now you need to look for the Save button at the top of the box.

image from

Please note you won't see an added caption reflected in the preview, but you will see it on the post when you click Save.

Similarly, when you make changes using Aviary's special effects tools, you'll be prompted to click Apply followed by Save to update the image in your post or page.

Previously, you would see the Update button in the lower right corner of the box to save changes. The Upgrade (only necessary if you want to add special effects to large images) and Cancel (to not save changes) buttons are still in the old location at the lower right of the box. Please note you do not need to upgrade to make standard changes to a large image, like add a caption or resize the image. You may be given the option to resize if your image is very large, but this is only to help speed things up, and you can simply ignore it by clicking the Ignore link.

We have many more details on the Standard and Aviary tools available to edit images in the Knowledge Base.

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