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Typepad 101: Transferring a Blog to Another Typepad Account

Today's question comes from community member ugarte over on Get Satisfaction. They asked:

I have multiple blogs under the same login. Is it possible to transfer one of the blogs to someone else's login? I am not talking about adding authors; I want someone else to be the primary account on the blog.

Yes, you can and it's super easy. You'll essentially download the content of the original blog and move it to a blog on another account. You won't be phsyically transferring the entire blog but it is easy and quick to move the posts, comments, and images.

First, you'll create an export file of the blog you're transferring. Just go to Blogs > Settings > Import/Export and scroll down to the Export section. Click the Export button and you'll see the page reload and an export progress bar come up.

Export in progress
When the export is complete, right click on the Download link and "Save link as..." to download the file to your computer.

You can then send the file to the person that you're transferring the content to, or log into your other account and import the file in Blogs > Settings > Import/Export. You can learn all about Import/Export in our Knowledge Base.

Just a couple notes:

  • This import will bring over all of the blog's posts, pages, comments, and images.
  • Pages will be brought over as blog posts.
  • It does not bring over the blog's design and other settings. That would need to be re-created in the new account.
  • The blog will use the URL of the new account - it will not preserve the URL from the original account. To help with the transition for search engine indexing, make sure to set the blog as public in the SEO Settings.
  • If the original blog is domain-mapped, you'll need to delete the domain from the original account, edit the CNAME at the registrar to match the new URL, and add the domain to the new account.

Of course, if you need any help with domain mapping, importing, etc. we're always a click away. Just follow the Help link in Typepad to open a ticket. And don't forget: our Get Satisfaction community is open 24/7, too!


Kofla Olivieri

It sounds kind of complicated.


It likely sounds a little more complicated than it actually is because we have to be quite thorough here. You're just creating an export file in one blog and then uploading that in another. We're always available to lend a hand if you need it as well.

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