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New For Beta Users: Easily Upload Sidebar Images Plus More!

Starting today, there are some new things for Beta users to play with.  Interested in finding out what they are?  We're excited to tell you about them!

First up is something that's been a popular request from our subscribers: An easier way to upload photos to your sidebar.  Instead of the previous method of manually uploading the image to your account and then creating the necessary HTML code, you can now use our automated method.


By simply using the new widget you see above at Design > Content, you can skip right to putting your image in the sidebar.  There's even options to have a larger image open in a pop-up or to link the image to a URL.

You can read all about this in the Knowledge Base.

We think this is a big win for our subscribers and we can't wait for the Beta team to take it for a spin!

The next item available to our Beta users is author photo configuration options.  When you add the Profile Picture at Design > Content, you'll now get a prompt to select the size of the image and if you'd like it to be centered or not.


Author photos are a fantastic way to get your readers to become more familiar with you, so we think this this will be a nice little addition to Typepad.  You can read more on this here.

These features will be rolled out to all Typepad subscribers over the next few weeks. If you want to get in on it now, simply go to the Account tab and sign up for the Beta team!


Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC

This is very cool! I just asked for help on uploading an image about two weeks ago! Thanks for adding this!


Looking forward to the updates, thank you so much!

Carrie Stephens

Excellent! Thank you, this works great!!!


Wonderful! I have spent so much time updating my sidebar by uploading images and configuring the HTML manually—it is how I learned how to create my own HTML code. Having this new, simple way will save so much time. Thank you, Typepad! ~heather

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