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Check out our newest theme: Tectonic

We've recently released a new theme and we think it's pretty unique. We combined a sleek, grid-based layout with the colors of nature for a fresh look that will suit all types of blogs. It has a 'sticky' navigation bar that stays at the top of the page as you scroll, making it easy for your readers to find important content. There are four color combinations available, so you're sure to find one that suits your tastes.


With Valentine's Day swiftly approcating, we also want to recommend the Heartbeats theme for anyone who wants to show a little love on their blog.


You can try either theme by going to Blogs > Design > Choose a new theme. If you want to try a theme before you commit, we recommend setting up a test blog and applying it there.


Tarot Card Reader Angela Lucy

It's not "pretty unique". It's either "unique" or it is not.
SORRY! This is my pet grammatical peeve.
Love, Angela Lucy

Simona Carini

I decided to give Tectonic a try. Thanks!


That's great! We hope you enjoy it!

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