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Announcing Disqus Integration for Typepad

Today, we're excited to announce that we're making even greater strides in improving the Typepad blog commenting experience by partnering with Disqus, one of the biggest and best out there when it comes to commenting systems.

We here at Typepad have been working hard at combatting spam on your blogs.  This has greatly improved commenting for you and your readers on the backend, so we're happy to use this partnership to improve the front end.

Disqus is the #1 "Distributed Content Platform" on comScore and the most expansive comment discussion network on the Internet, now reaching 1.4 billion unique visitors each month. You're not alone when you add Disqus comments to your blog! Check out how Disqus can even help drive more traffic - and maybe revenue - to your blog.

Integrating their service with your blog will make commenting even easier for your readers. They can even get notifications of new comments, helping your blog's conversations  remain active and engaged. We have easy to follow steps that should make it a breeze to integrate Disqus into your Typepad blog. You can learn more about this in our Knowledge Base.

Please note that enabling Disqus is completely optional; Typepad commenting itself is not going anywhere.

We're rolling out the Disqus integration to our Beta team subscribers first, so if you want to integrate Disqus sooner than later, go to Account within Typepad and sign up!  Everyone else will see it once we get feedback from our Beta team and start rolling it out.

We hope that this new partnership with Disqus and our previously announced one with Akismet stress how important your comments and your experience at Typeapd is to us.  We're always here to help!



Will this roll-out solve the previous issue of pre-existing comments disappearing if we install Disqus?

Also, how long does something stay in Beta? Thanks!


Hi AJ,

Things typically stay in Beta for a few weeks before we begin rolling it out to everyone else. That process then takes another week or two.

So that our subscribers that have been on Typeapd for a long time don't have to lose their comments, we've created an export/import process. With that, you can export out your previous Typepad comments and import them into Disqus. You'll then have your old comments in the new system.

We have more information on this here:

I hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


Account Deleted

Great to hear there is an import/export function, this will save losing all the great conversation had over the years on the blog.

Werner Patels

I went to Account, am part of beta team, yet nowhere is there any option for Disqus.

Update: no worries. Your instructions were wrong in this post. It's not under Account, but Settings for each blog/site.

Bernie Siben, CPSM

I have run across Disqus when trying to comment on news articles at a number of different sites. When I finish the comment and go to post it, I'm told it will go through Disqus and that Disqus will be taking some information from me about my contact list and information on my friends, which I don't want to share. Therefore, I have to ask, if I don't want to use Disqus, does that mean I'll have to leave Typepad and find another host for my blog?


Hi Werner,

You're right about Disqus being under Settings > Comments. We mentioned going to the Account tab if you want to sign up for Beta, though, not enable Disqus. :-)



Hi Bernie,

As we mentioned, Disqus is optional. Typepad comments aren't going anywhere, so you don't have to use them and you don't have to move your blog.

Hope that helps!



Hi Anke,

It was import to us that the Disqus option be something that our long-term Typepad subscribers could use but not lose their previous comments.

We wanted to make sure that this would be a good feature for Typepad users new and old. :-)


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