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Beta users, let us tempt you with some new features for our Snap theme.

We were hoping that our post last week about customizing our new Snap theme would tempt more of you to try the design out and give us some much desired feedback. Alas, we're just not getting the input we've been hoping for. So, we're upping the ante with new features that are only available if you use the Snap theme.

First, we have two additions to the navigation bar: you can center the links and include social media icons. Here's what to look for in Blogs > Design > Content: Navigation Bar:

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/14041023/5688cd26-8cea-44e7-a8d1-db9e91dc174b.png

And here's how the two options look together on a blog:

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/14041023/3c1dcf28-ceaa-4204-9219-80b9dc10389a.png

Cool, right? The social icons come from the profiles you've added on the Account > Other Accounts page, so make sure you have your social media profiles listed there.

The second new feature is what we're calling Post Link Tooltips. This can be selected from the Blogs > Design > Content page as well. Here's what to look for:

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/14041023/7be6130b-cad9-448b-80c6-5dc320bf25a0.png

This feature adds a little hover effect to the links you include in your blog posts. The tooltip will use the title field from the Insert Link tool. Here's a visual of how that works:


Also cool, yeah? Don't you want to give this awesome theme a whirl? If you do, head over to our original announcement post for all the details. Then, after you've had some time to play with the bubble wrap and kick the tires, open a help ticket and let us know what you think. If you find something that looks amiss, we need to know. If you love it and think it's perfect, we won't turn away that feedback, either.


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