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Typepad 101: Don't Forget Your Typepad Profile!

You may or may not know it, but your Typepad account comes with a free Typepad profile.  You can check out the Typepad Team's profile here.


So, what should you do with your own profile?

To start with, giving your profile a unique URL that reflects your name or brand is a great way to personalize it.  Right now, when you view your profile, the URL might have a long string of numbers. Not ideal, right?

To change this, start by going to the Edit Profile page inside your account. There, look for the "Profile URL" section and replace the existing URL with the one you want to use. Then just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to save your changes. That's it!

One of the most important features of your Profile is that it allows you to share your blog activity and links to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Adding those sites to your Profile is extremely easy.

To share your blogs, just go to the Edit Profile page and look under Your Blogs. There, select the blogs from your account that you'd like to show. Activity from the selected blogs will show on your followers' Dashboards and in your Recent Activity stream on your Profile.

The URL you use for your Homepage URL will be the site that's linked with your name when you comment on TypePad blogs. This should be your main blog or the site you want to promote the most.

To share your social media accounts, click on Add an account to go to the Other Accounts page. You'll use the "Add an account" menu to add links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have full details about the Other Accounts page in our Knowledge Base.

You can also make other changes on the Edit Profile page to personalize it.  This includes your display name, your bio, your location, and more. You can also upload your own picture to be used as your profile image. After you select the image, make sure to scroll to the bottom to save your changes.

Now that you've got your profile more to your liking, you can add it to your blog's sidebar.  Go to Design > Content, look for the "About You" category, select the "Follow Me" option, and click the "Add this module" button.  You can then choose to display the following and followers count if you like.  Save your changes and your readers can now easily view your profile.

You can read more about your Typepad profile and how to edit it in our helpful Knowledge Base.

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